Christmas, New Years, and Nesting!

Here's what our past few weeks have looked like. Check out the pictures below! This was our second Christmas in Japan.  While some things felt very familiar, others were very different than our traditional American Christmases. Dan was able to give a short Gospel message at a temporary housing complex and was also Santa Claus at our neighborhood preschool! Christmas Eve service at church was very sweet and felt like many Christmas Eve services in San Diego.  It reminded us how blessed we are to be part of our church family.

christmas higashi matsushima

Christmas morning was the typical excitement of opening presents, but the main difference was Grammie, Papa, Grandma, and Grandpa joined the fun via Skype and FaceTime.


New Years is a such significant time of year here in Japan. Most people have the whole week off work, so Christmas Day is not much of a holiday to the general public. Ryli's daycare had a party on Christmas Day that the girls attended, which freed Dan and I up to do some shopping for Landon and enjoy a lunch date. It was a fun day, but definitely didn't feel like our typical Christmases of years past.


New Year's Eve, Matt, a friend who served in youth group with us, came for a three week visit. Dan introduced him to the shopping craziness January 1st at our local mall. They got in line at 5:45am. It's very similar to Black Friday in the States. There wasn't anything specific they were looking for, but it was a fun experience.


With the new year, and February right around the corner, I feel a deep sense to get things ready and in order for Landon while I still have the time and energy.  I have entered the "Nesting" season of pregnancy. The girls have helped me get ready too. They are really excited for their little brother to come. As they say, "we want him to come right now!" Dan and I on the other hand are willing to wait, and stock up on some more sleep while we can!

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