How We Survived a Dark Week

We survived what felt to be a week of darkness. Right in the middle of Grammie's (Dan's mom) three week visit, Abbi and Ryli got sick...really sick. They were both sick for a full week, with very high fevers that fluctuated between 103-104 for three to four of the days. Both girls ended up at the hospital for an IV to rehydrate. IMG_1584

If I (Casi) had this same experience in the United States I would have been sad for my girls and prayed. I would have asked friends to join me in prayer too. Going to the doctor or urgent care probably would have been burdensome, but I know how the health care systems works and I am sure I would have had little surprises. Plus, with the great support of family and friends I would have easily had help.

But oh how different my experience was here in Japan. I wasn't just sad and praying, I was desperate. I felt clueless as how I should best care for my girls here. But this lead to a deeper dependence on listening to God's leading. This was especially true when questioning when we needed to go to the doctors. But, each time He clearly showed us when to go.


I didn't just ask some friends to pray casually, Dan and I intentionally called on prayer support through email, facebook, and prayer chains. The week felt exceptional dark and we can not adequately express our thankfulness to everyone for praying. Seeing the "likes" and comments on facebook and the emails led to many tears of joy. We knew we were lifted up and we felt the encouragement and peace because of it.

Going to the doctor wasn't burdensome, it was impossible. I can't speak the language to the degree necessary, and don't get me started on the check-in forms I have to fill out. But God gave me Yuki, our pastor's wife, to take me to every appointment and be my daughter's advocate when I couldn't.

Finally, having Grammie here helped more than I can even comprehend. We do have an awesome church family that I probably could have called on for help, but having Grammie here was just what we needed. The girls needed the extra love and care, and so did I.

I am amazed. Just as I am writing this I am reminded that even through the difficulties that living in Japan may bring, God provided a way in each area. He hasn't brought us all the way over here to forget about us now. He is still taking care of us.

And I am happy to report the girls are healthy. We were even able to enjoy a fun-filled week with Grammie before she returns tomorrow.