Hearts Aligned

Well, we are back up and running on the blog! We were not able to update for a few weeks as there was a new host server being installed and the transfer is now complete. Many people know my background in youth ministry. After serving in youth ministry for 11+ years as a volunteer, intern, director, and pastor at Community Bible Church, God led us to Japan. This was not an easy transition for us. I loved what I did and my passion to see youth discipled in Christ was very much alive. Nevertheless, God said "Go" so who am I to argue.

In the beginning of March 2013, Yoshi, who is on staff at Oasis Chapel, approached me about wanting to start a youth ministry at the church. When I heard this I could not help but smile, chuckle inside, and say to myself "Of course God would." After I told Casi about the conversation that had transpired, she laughed as well. God sure has a sense of humor and a way of using our gifts, even if it is in a completely different country and context.

I know that our placement at Oasis Chapel, under Pastor Makito, is the perfect place. Yoshi’s heart and passion is to see youth discipled in Christ. As he has been discipled and mentored by Pastor Makito, he has discovered how God has gifted him.

After a couple meetings and some brainstorming we were ready to launch the youth ministry at Oasis Chapel. On Friday March 19th, we hosted our first youth night at our home. It was a joy to have the young people gathered around the table fellowshipping and studying God's Word together. It was even more special for Casi and I to see Abbi and Ryli getting right back into the mix as they had so often in San Diego.

1st Youth Group

On March 20th we had our first youth event. A picnic under the "さくら” or Cherry Blossom trees. This was an awesome time of growing relationships and playing games.

1st Youth event

I want to share the love of Christ with everyone I come into contact with, but God has also given me a heart for youth. I have a deep desire and passion to see young people discipled in the Word and growing in their faith, because they are the future leaders of the Church.

I am excited to be here for the launch and growth of the youth ministry at Oasis Chapel.  I am blessed that God has teamed me up with Pastor Makito and Yoshi, who both have the same heart and passion that God has placed in me.