Easter Fun and Mishaps

Our first Easter in Japan was joyful but cold. It actually snowed a little! But that didn't stop the fun.  Thanks to mom, who sent plastic Easter eggs for the kids at church, Abbi's class had an egg hunt inside. Then after service the kids, and some adults, enjoyed cotton candy.  But our fun didn't end there.

After church we had another party to go to. The party wasn't for Easter, it just happened to be on held the same day.  Our Rifu Japanese teachers were hosting a Spring party for their students and other teachers.  We are the only ones in their Tuesday class, so this was a great opportunity to build relationships with our teachers and other students whom we hadn't met before.

As we walked into the party we noticed everyone was sitting in rows facing the front.  We quickly told Abbi maybe this wasn't a party like we thought.  We were handed a program and noticed our names were listed under one of the activities.  We were even more confused.  We noticed the other students had papers in front of them with lots of writing on them, like they had done some preparation for the day. Our teacher welcomed everyone and then proceeded to invite each student up one at a time to share their speech about themselves and how much they enjoy their class.

We realized then why our names were listed and that we too were expected to present a speech! Thankfully we were the last to go. We managed to say some basic things about when we came to Japan, where we live, that we go to the church (which happens to be right across the street), that we like our class and teachers, and that Abbi is going to kindergarten in April.  We were very thankful to God, these words came easily to us and it seemed to flow well, despite lack of planning and doing the speech with Abbi and Ryli with us.



After the speeches it did turn into a party.  We enjoyed snacks and cake, made new friends, and played games. At the end of the party many people took pictures with the girls. This happens just about everywhere we go. It was quite a sight to see two little blonde cuties getting passed around. I am sure that they will be on many people's Facebook without us ever knowing! They were great sports about it though.

Even in the mishaps of miscommunication, it was a beautiful day! Happy Easter to All!! Jesus is Alive!!