Two Years Ago Today

It was two years ago today that Japan faced the triple disaster. This past week Casi and I saw a movie, 遺体 (Itai), which literally translates as 'Corpse'. Although it was not a documentary, it mirrored actual events that occurred immediately after the earthquake and tsunami. Through the whole movie Casi and I just sat and cried. We will never be able to fathom the events that occurred, but we could feel the pain as our hearts broke for the people of Japan. Below is a movie that our friend, Sejune, put together. It is a little long, but VERY GOOD. Through the lens of a few pastors, we can see that God is up to some big things in Japan. Please continue to pray for Japan and the people who are broken and hurting. Only by Jesus Christ will healing and peace take place.

Join us as we pray for a great awakening of hearts and that God's name would be praised!

"The light of the world"_After the Earthquake in Japan(English ver.) from sHin Corporation on Vimeo.