Moving Day!

It has been two days since we moved! Moving took 3 hours from start to finish, this includes the time we spent cleaning the old house. We were blessed wit lots of help from our church family! Hiroko took care of all of the business of moving, plus she help with last minute packing. Ken was our "Move" leader and organized the day and recruited help. Two friends from church watched the girls for us. Hiroko and another woman from church cleaned the old house with me (Casi). Then, we all got together at the new house for lunch provided by another friend and husband. Even though we were done moving by 12:30 the rest of afternoon was filled with lunch, visiting, people stopping by, turning in old keys, and running errands.

The day was amazing and we felt encouraged, loved and taken care of. We have already unpacked over half of our things. We landed in Japan just over three months ago with our six suitcases, so not having a lot of stuff makes unpacking easier.

Now we pray God will show off and use this home in mighty ways! Below is a picture of everyone that helped. We are blessed!