Defeats and Victories, but the War is over!

In our ongoing war with mold and moisture in our home we have had several battles in the past few weeks. Despite our efforts to air out our futons and frames daily, we found more green fuzzy mold on our wooden frames.  Defeat! But we bought metal frames that sit about a foot and a half off the ground. This lifts our futons far enough off the ground that we haven't had any issues with condensation or mold growth. Victory!  We also purchased a dehumidifier.  After a few days of running it, the funny smell in Abbi and Ryli's  room went away. Victory!! Success was sweet and it felt good to feel like we finally figured out how to deal with our mold and moisture problem.  But all that changed last week. We pulled the curtains back in the girl's room and discovered the corner of the wooden window frame was black with mold and about half of the frame was moist to touch. Defeat! As we looked more closely around the house we discovered some other areas of concern related to excess moisture.

We have really loved this house but the concerns for our home seem more than what we can actually fix on our own.  Our attitude has been to adapt and deal with new challenges but December 31st, we finally felt like God was saying it's time to move on.

With much help from our church and our organization, dialogues have started in regards to moving to another house in Rifu.  We are not sure exactly what this process will look like yet, and this time could be one of anxiety, but really it is not.  We have His peace that passes all understanding right now.  We are sincere, we would be honest with you if it wasn't like this.  But, we are truly excited, not just about a new home, but that we can see God at work. We are filled with a holy expectation of what He is doing and to see where He is taking us!