You may have win the battle, but we will win the war!

If you began reading this entry expecting some deep theological insights with a title like this one, I'm (Casi) sorry to disappoint. Although, I'm sure we could find some spiritual lessons here. We want to share our story, whatever God's doing great or small. Even though this issue may seem smaller in light of so many other challenges we could be facing, it has become a big point of conversation and now a part of our story. At the end of last month we found little black dots on the bottom of our futon's pad...MOLD!  We purchased small wooden frames for our futons which raises them about an inch and a half and allows for airflow. We had hoped this would solve the problem. Simply put the floors get very cold at night and the futons are warm, which creates condensation, which leads to mold. For 2 weeks we've been sleeping peacefully. Every morning we fold up our futon, pad, and little frames to air out. All has work in combating the mold, that is until yesterday.

Our day started like usual. But as I folded up the futon and pad I noticed black spots on our wooden frame. When I turned it over I discovered a few spots with green fuzzy mold.  We lifted up our rug to discover it was wet too.  I did feel partially defeated.

I'm trusting that we aren't the only ones in our neighborhood facing this problem. The real conflict isn't the mold, it's that we just don't know what people in older homes like ours do to stop it and since our language is so limited it makes talking with our neighbors more difficult.

But thanks to help from our pastor's wife we were able to speak to a neighbor for help today!! This exchange blessed me more than I had anticipated. We found out the neighbors remodeled their floors last year because they were having the same problem. They currently use a dehumidifier too. They were very sweet and sympathetic to our situation. I could pick up on some words from the conversation and I could hear they began talking about the hair salon nearby. I was able to say, in Japanese, that I was going Thursday for a haircut. They said they already knew. They had been at the hair salon earlier this week and they talked about how they are our neighbors and that they are shy because they don't speak any English. The hairdresser encouraged them to speak to us anyways. Then our neighbors went on to say they were so excited when we moved in and they love seeing the girls. They even had a gift for Abbi and Ryli that they have been waiting to give to us!!

I don't know exactly what God is teaching us through this situation. I have some assumptions it has to do with trust and patience. Maybe after our conversation, a new relationship will start with our neighbor. I don't know what the end of this chapter looks like yet, but we praise God for our neighborhood and home, with issues or not.