Not Friends but, かぞく (Kazoku/Family)

Family. That pretty much sums it up. Since arriving here in Japan we can, without a doubt, say that God has us in the right place. Though things may be difficult at times with language and eating, He has blessed us with an amazing church family. Upon arriving in Sendai we did not know what to expect. We didn't know who was going to pick us up, where we were going to stay, or what it was going to be like. We walked by faith. After getting our 6 duffel bags and 6 carry-ons, we headed towards the exit and were greeted with this:

It was at this point that it hit us...we were in Japan! Casi and I both started crying at this point--not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. So many from our church family had made the drive just to welcome us!

After a few days of training we were finally able to meet our church family at Oasis Chapel. We were humbled by their welcome of open arms and many cheers. When we met Makito Sensei (Sensei is the title for Pastor in Japanese) it was obvious why the people were not just friends, but family. Within a few minutes of talking with Makito Sensei I could feel his love for God and his love for people. Under his shepherding disciples are being made and God is being glorified! He is an amazing, godly man and his wife Yuki is a godly woman with a servant’s heart. The staff at Oasis Chapel has the same heart as their Pastor. They have been so helpful in every way possible and much of our settling into our home is because of them.

Leaving a great church family at CBC in San Diego was difficult, but God has been so good in grafting us in here.  We are so blessed to be under Makito Sensei leadership, even though on Sunday's we cannot understand much of what he is preaching about. :) Also we are blessed to be a part of the Oasis Chapel family.

Oasis Chapel is located in Rifu in Miyagi Prefecture. It is the only church in our area of 35,000 people.

We are excited to see what God is going to do and we are very grateful for where He has placed us.