One Week Ago...

It was one week ago that we got to Japan...and that week has been a blur! We spent 3 days in a hotel and going back and forth on the train trying to get things done. Then for the past 5 days we have been at a training at a beautiful camp called Morigo Camp. We ended that today and then spent the rest of the day registering with our city of Rifu, getting our 'inkan' (signature stamp), setting up our bank account, and buying futon's and curtains for our house. We will be moving into our home tomorrow and cannot wait to get pictures so you can see it.
Now that we are away from our other missionaries, the language barrier is becoming more and more clear. We know now what a foreigner in America must feel like! We are excited to be able to get into somewhat of a groove as we set up our home and begin language study. Our church family at Oasis Chapel really feels just like that, our family. They are a joy and blessing to be around and have been so helpful through this transition. We are truly blessed!
Please continue to pray for us and our families as we make this transition.