Only if we could stop time...

Here we are, just 4 days before we leave for Japan!! Plane tickets are booked, we picked up visas today, and we are partially packed! So much has been marked off the to-do list, but there still seems like there's plenty of things to accomplish. Oh, and of course there's always the fun of the unexpected inconveniences.

Right now our thoughts can easily get consumed with the nagging question of "How can we most effectively use our time?" So, keeping our thoughts in check becomes a balancing act between feeling like we won't have enough time to do what "we" want to do Vs. that constant trust in God to lead us daily.

But here's our "aha" moment. Maybe Sunday will come and we won't have done every thing we thought we should have, but that's ok. I guess these next few days will be an exercise in trusting God daily to lead us in how He wants us to spend this time. The real concern for us is not necessarily that we "get stuff done", but that we maximize this time to cherish our family. It's our pray that as we go through the next 4 days that our "to-do" list won't rule us and that we can spend our time on what really counts.

We are so thankful to all of our friends and family for all the love, prayers, and support. We hope to see you at our send off party this Friday, 6:30pm at CBC.

Get excited the next post should be from Japan!