Phonetics is Phun!

We just completed our third day of our two week Language Acquisition training. We have learned so much about how we hear and say sounds. Each person is born with the ability to make any sound in the world. As you grow you hear the sounds in your native language and you begin to get set in what you can hear and speak. Breaking out of this box has been more challenging than anticipated.  We have drill sessions where we pronounce new sounds and learn exactly what is supposed to be happening in our mouth.  Trying to get our mouths to form new sounds is literally a work out for our mouths and our minds.  We also have training sessions which give us practical tools for learning. Even though the trainings are challenging at times, we are encouraged by being here. God is working in mighty ways and it's awesome to hear what He's done in some of our new friends' lives.

As a side note, Abbi has been doing amazing. She loves her teacher and taking naps in her class.  She is making lots of friends too.  Ryli is also making friends but she's not sleeping well and is clingy during the day . This could be from teething or the altitude, or both.  Not sure but we'd appreciate any prayers.