He Did It!!

In March we started our first training with SIM, our mission organization, to prepare us to move and work cross-culturally in Japan.  Since last year we have felt God leading us to leave by November. This surprised many people at SIM because the average length of time for a family to fundraise and prepare to go to Africa is just over one year.   With   Japan's high cost, health insurance, and double taxes, many assumed it would take almost two years to be completely financially supported. We got a lot of "big eyes" when we expressed our goal, but Dan would reply "I know the God I serve is able. If He wants us there by November, we will be there!" God is able and He did it! We currently have 100% of our promised monthly support and all of our one-time needs are in. All of this happened in less than six months!  We think God is just showing off,  but we welcome Him to show off in our lives for His glory.  None of this could have ever happened by our ingenuity.  This is the work of God, who is able and active, working out His purposes for His glory!

This is a great encouragement and confirmation for us, as we know it will be difficult when we move to Japan and face the struggles of language barriers, spiritual battles, and feelings of loneliness. When those things come we will be able to look back at this 'altar' of the Lord's provision that we have built and say, "It was the Lord who got us here and He is faithful to continue to strengthen us each and every day."