Six Weeks!!

Six weeks from today we will most likely be boarding a plane and landing in the unfamiliar land of Japan to start a new season of life and ministry. We are trying to embrace where we are in the moment, but lately everything seems so surreal that it is hard to fully grasp what is happening. It is all emotions rolled together. There is excitement to see new places and things, at times anxiety creeps in about the unknown, but most of all there's peace and hope in what God has done and will continue to do.

There are still some things that need to happen to make October 23rd a reality. We must receive confirmation that the church in Rifu will be the church we're working with and our visas must be approved and processed in time. But, God has paved the way for us, and He knows the day, time and flight number we'll be on. Hopefully we'll know those details soon too!