Delays or God's timing?

When looking at life you can either see things as unwanted delays or trust that these "delays" are God's providential timing.  For almost a full month and half we have lived through these "delays" in regards to selling our house. Once we picked "our family" (see previous post for that story) we were meet with almost a 2-week delay while we waited for a written offer. Then we waited almost 3 more weeks to hear back from 2 different lenders, both of which said "our family" was not qualified. The lending process has become stricter and the Housing Commission was unaware of some newer restrictions. One month after we picked "our family" it was official they were out. But the cash offer guy was still interested. We were excited, grateful and trusted God's timing in all this.  We considered the extra time in our home as a blessing. About a week later, as we waited for a written offer, we found out the cash offer was out.  The man's sister decided not to give him the money after all. But we found out there was another man with a cash offer! We cleaned the house, he came over, but he declined.

After all of this, we had our second open house last Saturday.  We told the potential buyers that whoever ends up with the house must be very special because God has been orchestrating something for just the right timing for them.

Four people came, and they did another raffle today to pick our new potential buyers. The first name drawn was a young couple, fellow believers, who work at the Rock Church's discipleship school that our brother and sister, Steve and Jen, went to Africa through!  They actually know Steve and Jen, and a colleague of theirs just went to visit them in Africa.  When we met, we told them about how crazy this house sell has been for us, and they explained how they've been on quite a journey to get to this point and how God's been doing quite a work in them also.

We are excited for this couple to be the ones moving into our home and hope they will love and reach out to the community like we have.   Obviously, this saga isn't over yet. We still need to work through escrow. You never know what can happen until the house key is in their hands.  But, we take great comfort in knowing God is completely in control of every detail.