SOLD...Well Sort Of

Two and a half weeks ago we had our open house.  There were 5 families that came through. It started off like a typical open house, house was clean, cookies were baked, water was out, and us waiting to see who God would bring.  Everyone who came was nice and very interested. But then everything changed when the third potential buyers came in. Casi shook her hand and was immediately overwhelmed with joy.  She can't explain why, all the buyer said was "hi, I'm Kelly". Then her husband walked in and during our short visit we found out they have been married about a year, they are expecting their first baby in December and his brother lives 3 houses down from us. From that moment we started praying for them.  This house has blessed us so much and we would love to see it go to another young family. Four days later the Housing Commission raffled off our house to those who came to the open house and were interested. This was the day we would find out who our buyer would be!! We prayed and waited, and finally got the email...but it was not "our family" we hoped for.  But, we knew God's in control and thanked him for the buyer and that we were moving forward.

For the next week our moving forward seemed to be screetching to a halt though.  We had expected an offer the next day, but instead we were met with delays.  The potential buyer wanted to see the house again, so we cleaned again. He tried to decide if he was going to represent himself or get an agent. And finally after a week he said "now was not the time for him to buy". During this time we began to pray for "our family" again, trusting God will bring the right buyer to this house.

Since number one in the raffle backed out, we moved on to number two. But she was already working towards another property. So last friday we went to number three on list, but it was still not "our family".  We waited for a response from number three, then on Tuesday we got the email from the housing commission. It said "a 3 bedroom will be opening up for the first time in your neighborhood and the potential buyers want to go to that waiting list. So, you are left with two who are interested. You can pick who you would like. The first is a cash offer, very short escrow. The second is "our family"!"

We just laughed in amazement. "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"  We immediately emailed back with our choice.  Obviously, the cash offer is enticing but we can not ignore how this family has burdened our hearts. Now the we wait for an offer, but hey, God has already shown us that He is more than able. We submit our plans to His timing.

Can't wait to share this story with them. All Glory be to God!