Treat Yourself & Help Us Too

Ever heard of Watsu? There may be a few that can say yes, for the majority let me give my brief, but personal knowledge I (Casi) have. Watsu is water based relaxation. This is simplified, I'm sure there's a better definition out there by the experts.  What little I did know, didn't give it any justice until I got in the pool and experience it for myself. I pulled up to the house, after the typical busy morning routine.  I was thinking about the day's plans, how Ryli's nap schedule would be today, would I be able to work on this blog and any other of life's demands.  Needless to say, taking this 30 minutes to myself was much needed. The only thing I knew of Watsu was what I saw online. I really didn't know what to expect the actual experience for me would be. I stepped into the refreshingly warm pool, closed my eyes, and as Cheryl began to gently hold me, my ears went just below the water line and it was silent. All I could hear was my own breath.  I had forgotten just how peaceful the quiet can be. My days are typically filled with loud singing, playing or crying. When we first started I was held up and felt so comforted.  I thought this must be how Ryli feels when I hold her.  As Cheryl glided me through the water I had a chance to really be still. When the session was done, I wanted to keep going. I was so relaxed, I felt like I could just float away.

So, if you could use some time to pamper yourself and relax, Cheryl has offered to do this for you Saturday, May 19th between 9:00am-1:00pm.  The suggestion donation is $50, this includes a 30 minute private session.  All proceeds will go specifically to our one time travel expenses to Japan. And because of the matching grant, it will be doubled!

Please contact me by this Friday, May 11th, to reserve your time.

Thanks! Casi