The house in on the market!

Last year, after praying about where to live, Dan "accidentally" found a house online for sale.  Within 24 hours we were pre-qualified, saw home, and put in a written offer.  God  blessed us with this home.Wow! We are here. Our goal is to move out by June 30th. The original plan was to put house on market May 1st, which would give us two months.  Our home is part of the San Diego Housing Commission's affordable housing program.  There's a wait list to get into homes, so we are expecting the process to go quick, but obviously there's no telling what will happen.  I can't explain why, but this past week I just felt burdened to put the house up for sale sooner.  Now, here we are today.  Our home is officially for sale and we're eager to see how God orchestrates this whole thing!
As Dan noted "this is a big step of faith for us, as we are trusting God's timing that He has placed on our hearts of our move to Japan."

We have only lived here for a year and I praise God for the blessing it has been.  It has served its purpose but now it's time to move on. I know this is the next necessary step of faith, but I'm still learning to let things go with an open hand...I hope by the end of this journey I'm better at not holding on so tightly!