A Look Into Our Home Assignment

Six Months!! Ever wondered what our six month home assignment looked like? 

It’s really hard to believe we have already been in Japan just over six months, which is almost the same amount of time we were in the States for our home assignment. 

A lot has happened in our past six months. Abbi has finished 1st grade and started 2nd grade. Ryli entered into Kindergarten. Landon is now two and a half and speaking more and more in English and Japanese. We think he is trying to keep up with his two older sisters. As a family we have all settled into life in Japan again. Even with all the transitions, challenges, and changes, things have smoothed out and have once more become “normal”. 

For our six months in the States a lot happened too. We traveled quite a bit. But even with all of the transitioning, it really was an amazing time to reconnect with family and friends. With the aide of an app, we actually made a short video. It’s literally one second from everyday. We started the last week in Japan before we left. Then it concluded with us returning to our house in Japan. 

Since we’ve been back we have really enjoyed watching it and reminiscing. Hope you enjoy it too!