Letting it all go.

Well it's started. We are selling everything we own. ok...technically we will be saving our clothes and some sentimental things, but other than that, it's all going. This is a strange experience, especially for me. On one hand, it's liberating, knowing that this "stuff" doesn't own me. But at the same time I realize how much my "stuff" still has a hold on me.  An example of this is found in the picture below. This is a pic of our first Craigslist sale! We sold Abbi's dresser.  It was a gift from grandma and grandpa before she was even born to get the room all ready for her. I know it's just a dresser, a means to hold clothing, but somehow I was kind of sad when they carried it out of the house. Memories of being pregnant and folding Abbi's tiny newborn clothes flooded my mind.  But afterward, with dresser loaded and with cash in hand,  I was quickly reminded this is simply the next step of faith. The memories remain, but it really is just stuff, and we are letting it all go.