Finish Strong!

If you can remember back in high school, you contract a disease in your time there called ‘senioritis’. For some this comes their last year of high school and for some it comes the first day of their freshman year. The whole idea of this disease is that you are ready to be out of there—you have checked out mentally and moved on. As I prepare to step down after 10.5 years of youth ministry at Community Bible Church, I pray that is not my attitude. In fact I have the complete opposite attitude. In the words of my good friend Chuck, who is of retirement age and now heading to Kenya to be a missionary, he said, “I want to finish well.”

I want to finish well! Not only do I want to finish well, I want to finish strong! I want to finish stronger than I started. I want to see God maximized in students’ lives. I want to see more students place their faith in Jesus Christ. I don’t want to check out or just settle as we search for the new youth pastor—I want to finish strong! God has brought me a long way in maturity through ministry and I am so grateful of that. May what I do and how I do it honor His name and bring Him glory.

God give me the strength to finish strong. Give me Your wisdom and Your discernment. God I want to finish strong in this part of the of the journey You have me on. May Your name be glorified!

Retreat with some amazing people in 2006