The Journey has Begun

For months we have envisioned what this journey to Japan would look like, but now we are in the midst of some big things.  We just completed our first official training with SIM in North Carolina.  Some people have asked, “What did you do for 2 weeks?”  In case you are wondering the specifics too, here’s our training in a nutshell.  Some of the topics in our classes included working on teams, I.T. security issues, financial planning, how to do presentations, how to deal with stress, how thrive while living cross culturally and saying our Good-byes well.  We left feeling ready to take on the task that lies ahead.  We were greatly encouraged, not just by the classes but also the time with others who are on similar adventures. After North Carolina we stopped in Iowa for 1 week to visit some dear friends, the Chandlers!  They blessed us with generous hospitality.  It was a sweet time to visit, knowing this will probably be the last time we see them for 3 plus years.

So, after 3 weeks and 3 days we are finally back home.  Lots will be changing for us in the next few months.  The next BIG thing on our horizon is the selling of our house.  Thanks for sharing in our journey, as God leads us to Japan.

Here’s a pic of Abbi in the Iowa airport.  She recognized the flag on her own.