First Grade!

Our little Abbi started first grade at our neighborhood public elementary school. This is a Japanese public school, which operates in only Japanese. All the textbooks, teacher's notes, and classroom activities are in Japanese. Just writing this reminds me, Casi, of the seemingly impossible task ahead of us. I find myself wondering often "How is this going to work?!? Will I be able to read the teacher's notes or even her homework?" In addition to learning how to read and write in Japanese, Abbi will have English work when she gets home. Despite how many unknowns, worries, and fears there are, we really sense this is God's plan for us at this time. Even though I can't see how, I can trust that He will guide Abbi and us through this new season of life, one step at a time. Entrance ceremony on Thursday to welcome all of the first graders.

IMG_8257 IMG_8293



Friday morning she walked to school by herself! Well, really she was with her friends and the entire school. This is probably one of the biggest differences than if she were to go to school in San Diego. It's very uncommon here to get dropped off by car. Basically all of the students walk to school everyday and in all types of weather, even snow. All of the first graders have a yellow flap on their backpacks. Everyone knows to watch out for the younger kids and help them out.

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